Wisconsin divorce: The cost of using legal representation


Just because you are contemplating divorce, it doesn’t mean you have to deal with the legal process alone. While the breakdown of your marriage is unfortunate, the outcome doesn’t have to be negative. You can start a fresh life, focus on your goals, and find new reasons to be happy. In Wisconsin, you don’t need to accuse your spouse or blame them for the situation. Instead, it is a no-fault state, which means you and your spouse can consider ironing out the differences to get an uncontested divorce. If you are looking for a Wisconsin family lawyer near me, here is an overview of the costs.

Lawyers handling uncontested divorces

If yours is a simple uncontested divorce, where the lawyer doesn’t have to do much beyond handling the paperwork and obtaining the court dates, you don’t have to spend huge. Some of the biggest law firms in Wisconsin charge a fixed fee for such divorces. Your lawyer will do the following –

  1. Guide you through the forms and paperwork
  2. Draft the marital separation agreement
  3. Complete necessary documents
  4. File papers in court and obtain the next date
  5. Represent you at the final hearing

If you want to go ahead with a DIY divorce, your lawyer will only guide you on the forms, and you are required to take care of the paperwork.

Lawyers handling contested divorces

When you have a contested divorce, you have three options to sort out issues with your spouse –

  1. Mediation
  2. Collaborative divorce
  3. Litigation

In all of these situations, your lawyer will have to remain involved, and therefore, they will usually charge an hourly rate along with a standard retainer fee. It often happens that contested divorces continue for a long time, which means an attorney may not be able to give you a clear estimate of their fees in advance. Mediated divorces are more straightforward and may not involve litigation, but the lawyer still needs to be with you for all sessions, which may take time. Litigation is the most expensive option of the lot, where your lawyer needs to present arguments, witnesses, and evidence in court.

Final word

Hiring a divorce lawyer is necessary for most situations. How you can keep the costs in check depends mainly on how effectively you can talk and negotiate with your spouse. If both parties can discuss things outside of court and create a joint marital separation agreement with the help of respective lawyers, the costs will be considerably less.

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